It's known to me as Pac Bell Park not Pacific Bell Park or Sbc Park . This place is where I get to watch live Major League baseball. There is another ball park across the Bay Bridge . But that park is as nice to look at as an ash tray of a change smoker. I think the Oakland A's are a great team, one of the best in the Major's. I cheer for them throughout the season. It's just too much of a hassle to across the bridge to sit in 40 year old plastic chairs with colorless concert in every direction. It's better to watch the A's on television then to see them at Network Associations Coliseum. If that is still the name of the park. Pac Bell Park is much closer and pleasing to the eyes.

The San Francisco Giants aren't even my favorite team. That team would be the Houston Astor's. I have never lived in Houston nor do I have a fond love affair with the city of Houston . The Astor's was the name of my Little League team in Sunny Vale California . I was the best player on that team and my dad wasn't the coach. O.K maybe I wasn't the best player. But my love of baseball started with that team. Growing up outside of the US , no one in my family cared or even knew about baseball. The Sunny Vale Astor's changed all of that. O.K it didn't change much for my family, but it had a propounding impact on my love for the sport of baseball.

There are three things which makes Pac bell such a great place to be. The first is the seating layout. If you are a baseball fan I am sure you heard this before. But there really isn't a bad seat in the entire ball park. I have sat in the upper reserve close to the last roll and I have sat two rolls for the visiting team's bullpen. Don't get me wrong, field level is a lot nicer then the upper levels. Unless you can get field level tickets for every game you would like to attend, the upper reserve isn't that bad. Second, it has as much to do with the ball park as the city the park is in. The location is perfect. It sits next to the water front with the Bay Bridge in its background at every turn. If your girlfriend, wife, or first date doesn't like baseball, just tell them to look into the beautiful sky-lights of San Francisco Bay . This will buy you at least seven innings of baseball without having to explain why doesn't the pitcher just lob the ball to the batter so he can hit it everytime. Finally, Pac Bell is inhabited by a pretty good team .They were a few outs from a World Series title a few years ago. The Giant's are always in the playoff race. They have arguably the best player who has ever play the game of baseball in Barry Bonds. I say arguably because, in my eyes, Glenn Davis is the best player to ever wear a baseball jersey.

Don't take my word for it. Check out Pac bell for yourself. If you don't like it, you have issues with your mother. Just kidding.
Howard Van Lam