Feeling down? Been eating too much junk food lately? Go to
Waizema and eat some of the best home cooked (ethiopian) food this side of
the Mississipi. For 6.50, you will get a huge plate-o-food
that includes chicken, stew, collared greens, salad, a hard-boiled
egg, potatoes, and ethiopian bread. Just make sure you
have an appetite, cuz the owner will give you shit if you
don't clear your plate! As you eat, you will feel yourself
getting more healthy. The place has ambience, too, it's
a rennovated club from the 70s that features work from
local artists. Good selection of wine and beer and Michael
Jackon's Thriller on the jukebox are also good things.
(Justin Halterlein) MAY 2000 fucking 3.