War Eagle!

We are going to "God's Country boys". That was all I heard from the drive to Auburn from the Atlanta Airport. My buddy Pat has talked a crystal meth addict to bed once. For him to only speak those words on an 11/2 hour drive is somewhat of a miracle. Auburn, Alabama God's Country, you have to be joking right? Wrong, this place is a slice of heaven.

Most people look for nice scenery, good food, night life, things like that when they visit a new place. I enjoy those things as well. But the main thing I look for when I visit a new place is friendly people.

Southern Hospitality: I've heard about it. I've seen it acted out on TV and in the movies. I felt it first hand in Auburn. The people of Auburn were classy and very curious. To me, those are two of the best traits you can have. I was drunk as a skunk for my entire stay in Auburn. I have never felt more welcome in my life. When I get drunk, the sarcasm runs like the Mississippi. The people there took it and toss me back two upper cuts along with a slice of apple pie. This City Boy learned a lot about class on this trip. I went there to see a College football game and come away with the kindness of the town.

LSU vs. Auburn, every time they place each other, it's a dam good game. This time was even more special. They were both rank in the top five in the nation. Jordan Hare stadium is a slice of heaven. Auburn orange and the chat of "war eagle" seeps into your skin not when you are seated at your seat, not when you first walk into the stadium, but days before the game starts. 80,000 plus fans fills the stadium every home game. The commitment, the loyalty, and the excitement is unmatched by any other sporting event. Auburn fans are like that stupid battery rabbit that doesn't stop. But you wouldn't want to kill it like that rabbit, you would want to absorbed it and encourage it. I sat next to some of the pretties girls on earth. They cheered more and louder then I have every cheered at any event. I wanted to drop to me knees and ask her for her hand in marriage right there and then.

Auburn is a college town. In every college town, there are bond to be good looking women around. Wow, good looking does not do these women enough justices. They are kidnap and lock in my basement good. Of course I would never do that, maybe for just a week. I have been to a few places around the world. Madrid has the most beautiful women on earth. Auburn is up there with them. Both towns are heavy weights.

My trip to Auburn was next to perfect. I can't wait to go back. The people of Auburn really touch my heart. When I was at the Atlanta airport getting ready to fly home, I was wearing my Auburn jersey. I must have had ten people come up to me and chat "war eagle". I really do feel I am a part of their community. Thanks Auburn. I love you!!!
Glenn Davis