The City of God Directed by Fernando Meirelles, Katia Lund

In the famous shower scene in "Psycho" you witness some serious
violence without actually seeing the blade pierce skin. Hitchcock's implied terror was powerful! With the re-release of "The City of God" you will see one of the most shocking films to come out in many moons! You get brutally violent content without the typical Hollywood gore. You get sexuality without nudity (I'm not saying that is a good thing, I'm just making an observation). You get character performances without grandstanding. You get brilliant cinematography that is stylish and purposeful. You get a story that is gritty and flows with ease, albeit nonlinear! "The City of God" is the story of a shantytown by the same name in Rio De Janeiro and follows the young lives of its' inhabitants. The central plot revolves around a crew that is entangled in the poverty of their community and the exploration of criminal enterprise to escape. "The City of God" is a film that that delivers a story you'll certainly care about. You'll laugh, you're heart rate will rise and you'll really jones for a joint! Excellent damn flick! (Pat Connor)
Rating: naked Eva Mendez=can't get no better