<War Eagle>

We are going to “God’s Country boys”. That was all I heard from the drive to Auburn from the Atlanta Airport. My buddy Pat has talked a crystal meth addict to bed once. For him to only speak those words on an 11/2 hour (read)

<Land of the Raising Sun, Phoenix not Japan>

I ask the cab driver how long he has lived in Phoenix, Arizona? "Close to ten years" he replies. He asked me what I was doing here in the middle of June. (read)

<I Love New York>

The last time I was in New York was close to ten years ago. My good friend and I went to Long Island to spend time with his aging grandmother. The trip was schedule for two weeks. We ended up staying for over six months. I remember (read)

<Thank Your Lucky Stars...>

Ask anyone who lives in California especially in San Francisco why they would visit Houston Texas and they would mostly likely say I would not. (read)

<Snow is King>

I was caught between two emotions. Mother Nature has done it again, my flight has been cancel. Heavy, heavy snow fall was the reason. If I we had any luck, we would only be 10 hours late to our destination. Anyone who has been in this situation (read)

<Midsummer Trip>

A t the start of any trip, there is always a sense of anticipation and in some cases hesitation. This particular trip was no different but there was a bit more hesitation because I was going to the Middle East. (read)

< Monterey Bay Aquarium.>

The last time I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium I was in High school, close to ten years ago. I remember skipping school to find a happy place to experiment with mind-altering drugs. I had plans. I wasn't missing class for the sake of missing class. (read)