Radio Director Micheal Tollin
Producer Brian Robbins

Let me just be clear about how I happened upon this cinematic gem. I went to the theater hung over and certainly in an impatient mood and not having the slightest clue to what movie I was going to watch. My choices, based on time, were "Beyond Borders" with Angelina Jolie and "Radio" with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ed Harris. I am a complete sucker for Harris' intense demeanor and Cuba has a certain quality that draws me to his films(the aforementioned statement does not apply to"SnowDogs").Isettled into my seat, soda in hand, ready to checkout "Radio" not knowing what the hell I was about to see! 10 minutes in I was questioning my judgement. Cuba was playing the part of a retard, oops, that wasn't very p.c. Cuba was playing the part of a very sweet retard simply known as "Radio" for his love of music and Harris was his sociopsychological beacon of help and hope. "Radio" is set in Anderson, South Carolina during the late 60's. Harris was a "Bear" Bryant cloned football coach for the local high school and served as a mentor for the towns' misfit. Together the two unlikely pair serve as educators to each other. Harris teaches Cuba to interact with conventional society and conversely, Cuba teaches Harris to readjust his familial priorities. "Radio" won't impress you with stylish special effx and the script is certainly predictable, but with each passing scene, I found myself becoming more invested in this humble story. Harris is excellent as the gruff commandant who risks his career for the lovable simpleton and well lets's just say Cuba is fishing(Tom Hanks style) for an Oscar and he very well may get another stature for his performance. Debra Winger resumes her career in nice fashion, however Alfre Woodards' character as school principal is unfortunately neglected. No suprises, no glitz, no highbrow convoluted plot....just a cool film! Word to the wise: even if you're the baddest mo'fo' on the planet, blame your blubbering on a dietaty increase in soy milk as a protein supplement(handy alibi: "I've been drinking soy milk. Can't you see how big my muscles have gotten?") Pretty damn good flick! (Pat Connor)
Rating: A naked Selma Hayek