<Warriors, come out and play>

Two of the worst teams in the NBA played against each other the other night I have seen so much great basketball in my life time. I decided to see what life was life on the other side. I am joking. It was a match up of two titans in professional basketball. (read)

<Two Bad Teams Playing Each Other>

I went to the San Francisco 49er's vs the Miami Dolphins game last season. The game was so bad, I couldn't think of any thing positive to write about. So I hope you enjoy the photos. My beloved Fins killed the 49er's(see)

<A Oakland Raiders Home Game>

If you are a sports fan, you must of heard how insane Oakland Raiders fans can be. I have also heard the many tails of the insanity they can cause. It wasn't until the October 24, 2004 game did I see first hand how crazy they are. (read)

<Why I watch Baseball>

It's known to me as Pac Bell Park not Pacific Bell Park or Sbc Park . This place is where I get to watch live Major League baseball. There is another ball park across the Bay Bridge . But that park is as nice to look at as an ash tray of a change smoker. I think the Oakland A's (read)